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Scheme: Simple Knowledge Organization System Pencil.png
Collection: SKOS Semantic Relations Pencil.png
is in semantic relation with
Warning: Conflicting URIs Warning icon.svg

The namespace URI that is based on the SMW-import-page MediaWiki:Smw import skos (used, e.g. for RDF export) differs from the namespace URI definitions on Simple Knowledge Organization System (—please correct one of these.

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is in semantic relation with: Links a concept to a concept related by meaning.

Notes: This property should not be used directly, but as a super-property for all properties denoting a relationship of meaning between concepts.

Constraints in the context of Simple Knowledge Organization System:

  • rdfs:domain: skos:Concept (=the class, to which “skos:semanticRelation” may be applied)
  • rdfs:range: skos:Concept (=the class or datatype of the values or objects that are assigned to “skos:semanticRelation”, i.e. the right side in the triple)