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Scheme: MOD-CO Pencil.png
Collections: modco:Identifiers.ID Pencil.png, modco:Schema hierarchy.Level 0 - General Pencil.png
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  • URI: unit_identifier_origin
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unit identifier origin: Identifier of the original unit, optionally to be inherited by all derived or proceeding units. This identifier, sometimes called 'field number', may act as a shortcut from distantly or far derived units (subsamples or products) in order to get access to the information about the original physical object, e.g., environmental sample or document or data (original field sensor data).

Constraints in the context of MOD-CO:

Display order: 7
Mandatory: -
Data type: text
Resource links: ABCD 2.06 - element SourceID, MIxS - source material identifiers, DWB-DC: CollectionSpecimenTransaction - SpecimenPartID