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DateText +1. April 2015  +
Dummypage +"Bavaria", "Saxony"  +


abcd:BasisOfRecord +PreservedSpecimen, LivingSpecimen, FossileSpecimen, OtherSpecimen, HumanObservation, MachineObservation, DrawingOrPhotograph, MultimediaObject  +
abcd:ContentContact @preferred +true  +
abcd:ContentContact-@preferred +true  +
abcd:ContentContact-Email  +
abcd:DataSet-Description-URI +  +
abcd:DataSet-GeoecologicalTerm +World'<br/>'Americas'<br/>'Atlantic Ocean'<br/>'Andes'<br/>'Mountains'  +
abcd:DataSet-GeoecologicalTerm-@language +EN <br/><br/>EN-US <br/><br/>UND  +
abcd:DataSet-GeoecologicalTerms +'World', 'Germany', 'Atlantic Ocean', 'Andes', 'Mountains'  +
abcd:DataSet-Major +'1' in 1.2  +
abcd:DataSet-Minor +'2' in 1.2  +
abcd:DataSet-Modifier +'beta', 'alpha', 'rc/release candidate', 'internal'  +
abcd:DataSet-Representation-@language +EN<br/><br/>EN-US<br/><br/>UND  +
abcd:DataSet-TaxonomicTerm-@language +LA<br/><br/>EN<br/><br/>UND  +
abcd:DataSet-Title +W3TROPICOS  +
abcd:DatasetGUID +n/a  +
abcd:Owners TelephoneNumber ++44 9876 543210  +
abcd:TechnicalContact-@preferred +true  +
abcd:TechnicalContact-Email  +
annosys:BasisOfRecord +specimen, human observation  +


biorel:has habitat +Hydrozoa (NCBITaxon_6074) 'has habitat' some 'marine environment'.  +
biorel:has part +The leg has the knee as a part.  +
biorel:is bearer of +the neck is the bearer of the head.  +
biorel:part of +The knee is part of the leg.  +
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