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AnnoSys: Gathering +Class Gathering  +
AnnoSys: LabelsandInscriptions +Text, author or comment of inscription  +
AnnoSys:higherTaxonName +higher taxon name  +


DateText +The date in text format  +
Dummypage +The name of the Federal State or major administrative unit in Germany in which the Location occurs. "Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary such as the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names."  +


TestTerm2 +another test term  +


abcd:BasisOfRecord +ABCD Basis of Record A controlled vocabulary indicating what the unit record represents.  +
abcd:ContentContact +An administrative contact usually representing the agent acting as the original supplier or custodian of the dataset.  +
abcd:ContentContact @preferred +The contact marked as preferred by means of this attribute should be the first approached. The other contacts named should be regarded as alternate contacts.  +
abcd:ContentContact-@preferred +A flag set to indicate the preferred administrative contact.  +
abcd:ContentContact-Address +Postal address for the administrative contact for the dataset.  +
abcd:ContentContact-Email +Email address for the administrative contact for the dataset.  +
abcd:ContentContact-Name +Administrative contact person, person team, or role for the dataset.  +
abcd:ContentContact-Phone +Phone number for the administrative contact for the dataset.  +
abcd:ContentContacts +A container element for several administrative contacts for the dataset.  +
abcd:DataSet +A container element for one to many unit data records and their shared metadata elements. The metadata relate to the source, provision, ownership, and rights etc. of the entire dataset.  +
abcd:DataSet-Contributors +Contributers or translators for the data source.  +
abcd:DataSet-Coverage +Free-form text terminology or descriptions available in the data source (geographic, taxonomic, etc.).  +
abcd:DataSet-Creators +Author(s) or editor(s) of the data source.  +
abcd:DataSet-DateIssued +Publication date of the current dataset version. This date should be missing if the current version is not yet published  +
abcd:DataSet-DateModified +The last modification date for the data source. If the provider cannot assess this for online data sources, the current date/time may be substituted. For legacy data this may be set to the file date of imported data, or estimated. Note that it may well be that the result of the query, i.e. the document containing this datum, does not contain the parts of the souce that have actually been changed.  +
abcd:DataSet-Description +Dublin Core conformant elements describing the content of the data source queried, representation in different languages possible  +
abcd:DataSet-Description-Details +Free-form text containing a longer description of the data source  +
abcd:DataSet-Description-URI +The URL that points to an online source related to the data source, which may or may not serve as an updated version of the description data.  +
abcd:DataSet-GeoecologicalTerm +An area name describing the or part of the geoecological scope of the source queried.  +
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