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The GBIF terms biorelation vocabulary is a vocabulary to express relations between biological objects, parts and structures, habitats, molecules, etc. In its first iteration, it is closely modeled after a subset of the OBO Relation ontology (RO, which replace the earlier OBO_REL ontology ( The reasons for providing a separate ontology are to provide the ability to extent with additional terms and make the dependency on the owl productions of RO optional.

Namespace URI: with preferred namespace prefix “biorel”.
Warning: Conflicting URIs Warning icon.svg

The namespace URI that is based on the SMW-import-page MediaWiki:Smw import biorel (used, e.g. for RDF export) differs from the namespace URI definitions on Biorelations (—please correct one of these.


All Concepts in Biorelations:
By label: adjacent to  •  aligned with  •  connected to  •  derived by descent from  •  derives from  •  develops from  •  develops from part of  •  develops in  •  develops into  •  has habitat  •  has part  •  has participant  •  has/is site of  •  is bearer of  •  is preceded by  •  occurs in  •  overlaps  •  part of  •  participates in  •  precedes  •  produced by  •  produces  •  spatially separated from  •  surrounds  •  variant of
By concept name: biorel:adjacent to  •  biorel:aligned with  •  biorel:connected to  •  biorel:derived by descent from  •  biorel:derives from  •  biorel:develops from  •  biorel:develops from part of  •  biorel:develops in  •  biorel:develops into  •  biorel:has habitat  •  biorel:has part  •  biorel:has participant  •  biorel:has site of  •  biorel:is bearer of  •  biorel:is preceded by  •  biorel:occurs in  •  biorel:overlaps  •  biorel:part of  •  biorel:participates in  •  biorel:precedes  •  biorel:produced by  •  biorel:produces  •  biorel:spatially disjoint from  •  biorel:surrounds  •  biorel:variant of

Note: The RO URIs do not resolve to proper definitions. For comparing biorel definition with original definitions, is useful, using the label rather than then URI. At the time of this writing, several terms could not be compared, the definitions were not shown and the status indicated as "pending final vetting".